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Macabo Gray

Macabo Gray

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Macabo Gray™ features a modest contemporary look that pairs well with any design. It features a neutral gray tone with subtle flecks which give it character and depth. Use this durable and low maintenance quartz to create beautifully designed surfaces in your home or commercial space. Incorporate this stylish quartz to countertops, waterfall islands, accent walls and other surfaces where simplicity is desired.

Macabo Gray Quartz Specifications

Product: Quartz

Grade: Group 1²

Primary Color: Gray-Dark

Thickness:cm and 2 cm available

Finish: Polished

Average Size: 126'' x 63''

Square Feet: 55.56 ft²

Price Per ft² (3 cm): $18.25

Price Per ft² (2 cm): $14.92

Macabo Gray Quartz Design Tips

Using Macabo Gray quartz can add a sophisticated and modern touch to your home or business space. Here are several design tips to make the most of it:

  1. Kitchen Countertops: Install Macabo Gray quartz as kitchen countertops to create a sleek and contemporary look. Pair it with white or light-colored cabinetry to enhance its gray tones and create a clean aesthetic.

  2. Bathroom Vanities: Use Macabo Gray quartz for bathroom vanities to add elegance and durability. It works well with both light and dark bathroom fixtures and can complement various styles of bathroom decor.

  3. Backsplashes: Consider using Macabo Gray quartz as a backsplash in kitchens or bathrooms. Its subtle details and neutral color make it a versatile choice that can tie together different elements in the room.

  4. Flooring: While less common, using Macabo Gray quartz for flooring in high-traffic areas can be a practical choice. It's easy to clean and maintain, and its coloration can hide dirt and dust better than lighter materials

  5. Fireplace Surrounds: Use Macabo Gray quartz to create a modern fireplace surround. It can complement both traditional and contemporary fireplace designs while adding a touch of sophistication.

  6. Furniture Accents: Incorporate Macabo Gray quartz into furniture pieces such as coffee tables or side tables for a cohesive design theme throughout your space.

  7. Outdoor Applications: While primarily an indoor material, Macabo Gray quartz can also be used for outdoor countertops or decorative elements in covered areas. Ensure it is rated for outdoor use and can withstand your local climate conditions.

  8. Mixing Materials: Experiment with mixing Macabo Gray quartz with other materials like wood, metal, or glass. This can create a layered and textured look that adds depth to your design.

  9. Lighting Considerations: Pay attention to lighting when using Macabo Gray quartz. Natural light can enhance its subtle details, while under-cabinet lighting or pendant lights can highlight its texture and color variations.


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