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Lumataj Quartz

Lumataj Quartz

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With a stunning off-white background and subtle gold veins, LumaTaj quartz perfectly evokes the coveted look of Taj Mahal quartzite. LumaTaj quartz has a sleek and neutral shade complements which complements a variety of décor styles and color palettes. This quartz uses MSI’s exclusive LumaLuxe® formulation giving it depth and realism making it perfect to use as countertops, walls and much more. Achieve the classic look you desire by selecting LumaTaj quartz in commercial and residential spaces.

Product: Quartz

Grade: Group 9

Primary Color: Cream

Accent Color: Brown

Thickness: 3cm and 2cm available

Finish: Polished

Average Size: 137" x 79"

Square Feet: 75.16 sq. ft.

Price Per Sq. Ft. (3cm): $54.92

Price Per Sq. Ft. (2cm): $43.25 

Lumataj Quartz Design Tips

Lumataj Quartz is a stunning countertop surface that evokes the coveted look of Taj Mahal quartzite:

1. Elegance in Neutrality
Lumataj Quartz boasts an off-white background with subtle gold veins, creating a sleek and neutral shade. Embrace its versatility by pairing it with various décor styles and color palettes. Whether your design leans modern or classic, Lumataj adapts seamlessly.

2. Depth and Realism
What sets Lumataj apart is MSI’s exclusive LumaLuxe® formulation. This gives the quartz depth and realism, making it perfect for countertops, walls, and more. Imagine the timeless elegance of Taj Mahal quartzite, now achievable with Lumataj.

3. Commercial and Residential Spaces
Select Lumataj for both commercial and residential projects. Its classic appeal suits high-end restaurants, boutique hotels, and elegant homes alike. Create a cohesive look by incorporating Lumataj in various areas, from kitchen counters to bathroom vanities.

4. Pairing with Other Materials
Lumataj pairs beautifully with natural materials like wood, marble, and brass. Consider using it as a backsplash or accent wall alongside warm-toned cabinetry. The subtle gold veining adds sophistication without overpowering the space.

5. Lighting and Luminescence
Lumataj responds well to different lighting conditions. In well-lit areas, it glows softly, emphasizing its depth. Experiment with under-cabinet lighting or pendant fixtures to enhance Lumataj’s luminosity.

Lumataj Quartz offers timeless elegance, depth, and adaptability. Let this exquisite material elevate your design vision, whether you’re renovating a chic café or creating a serene home sanctuary. Buy now, and let Lumataj be your canvas for creativity!

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