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Matte/Concrete Finish

Midnight Corvo Concrete

Midnight Corvo Concrete

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Craft a Striking Kitchen with Midnight Corvo™ Concrete Quartz

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with the bold allure of Midnight Corvo™ Concrete Quartz. This contemporary masterpiece combines form and function, making it an ideal choice for your countertop or wall application.

Sleek Sophistication: The deep, neutral-toned black background exudes sophistication, while subtle cool white veins dance across the surface, reminiscent of elegant marble.

Textured Elegance: The quartz’s textured finish adds a touch of understated luxury. Its low-sheen surface catches the light just right, creating a captivating play of shadows and highlights.

Practical Brilliance: Beyond its beauty, this quartz is designed for practicality. It’s highly durable, requiring minimal maintenance. Spills and splatters? A breeze to wipe clean.

Germ-Free Assurance: Thanks to its nonporous nature, Midnight Corvo™ Concrete Quartz doesn’t harbor germs. Your kitchen remains a hygienic haven.

Size Options: Choose from two slab sizes to perfectly fit your space.

Midnight Corvo Concrete Specifications

Product: Quartz

Grade: Matte/Concrete Finish

Primary Color: Black

Accent Color(s): White

Thickness:cm and 2 cm available

Finish: Concrete

Average Size: 130" x 65"

Square Feet: 58.68 ft²

Price Per ft² (3 cm): $42.44

Price Per ft² (2 cm): $33.91


 Available in the U.S. for fast shipping.

Designing with Midnight Corvo™ Concrete Quartz

1. Commercial Applications:

Reception Desks: Create a lasting impression by using Midnight Corvo™ for reception desks. Its sleek black background with subtle white veins adds an air of sophistication.

Conference Tables: Elevate conference rooms with quartz-topped tables. The textured finish ensures durability, while the low sheen exudes professionalism.

Retail Counters: For boutiques, showrooms, or cafés, Midnight Corvo™ offers a chic surface for serving customers or displaying merchandise.

Bar Tops: In bars and restaurants, the nonporous nature of this quartz ensures easy cleaning and hygiene.

2. Residential Applications:

Kitchen Countertops: The marble-like quality of Midnight Corvo™ transforms kitchens into elegant spaces. Pair it with light cabinetry for a striking contrast.

Bathroom Vanities: Opt for quartz vanities that resist moisture and maintain their allure over time.

Fireplace Surrounds: The dark, dramatic backdrop of Midnight Corvo™ complements cozy fireplaces.

Feature Walls: Use large slabs to create captivating feature walls in living rooms or bedrooms.

3. General Design Tips:

Contrast: Pair Midnight Corvo™ with light-colored walls or cabinetry to create visual interest.

Lighting: Install warm or cool lighting to enhance the quartz’s texture and veins.

Minimalism: Let the quartz take center stage by keeping other design elements simple.

Maintenance: Regularly wipe down with a mild soap solution to maintain its pristine appearance.

Remember, Midnight Corvo™ Concrete Quartz combines style, durability, and hygiene—making it an excellent choice for both commercial and residential spaces.


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