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Grade 1 Quartz

Aruca White

Aruca White

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Just like strolling along the shore, Aruca White™ quartz by MSI brings a tranquil and serene atmosphere to your space that’s sure to stay on trend for years to come. With its inviting warm white base and fine light and dark grains resembling sand, the neutral tones in this quartz can be utilized throughout your living areas, achieving a cohesive and lavish appearance. Whether it's for residential or commercial environments, this remarkable quartz beautifully transforms into sandy white countertops, cascading islands, captivating backsplashes, and more. Opt for this resilient, stain-resistant, and germ-resistant polished quartz for your upcoming project and experience the refinement it adds to your space.

Super Jumbo Size
Available in Super Jumbo slabs, Aruca White™ can potentially you save money with more efficient layouts and fewer seams.

Even Color Distribution
Aruca White features even color distribution, which gives you greater flexibility in terms of slab layout, which can result in significant cost savings.

Grade 1 Quartz
The various quartz grades all share the same great durability and only vary in appearance. When you choose Grade 1 quartz colors, you can save up to 80% on material costs vs. Grade 9 quartz.

2 cm Quartz Options
Using thinner slabs can give your project a sleek modern look while saving you 20% or more on material costs. 2 cm material is great in many retail applications as well as smaller spaces including guest baths.

Elevate Your Space with Aruca White Quartz Countertops

When it comes to creating a timeless and elegant interior, the choice of countertops plays a pivotal role. Aruca White Quartz, part of the Q™ Premium Quartz collection by MSI, offers a harmonious blend of style, durability, and versatility. Let’s explore how you can make the most of these stunning countertops in your home.

  1. Neutral Elegance: Aruca White Quartz boasts a warm white base with delicate light and dark grains reminiscent of beach sand. This neutral palette allows you to seamlessly integrate it into various design schemes. Whether your style is modern, transitional, or classic, Aruca White provides a serene canvas for your kitchen or bathroom.

  2. Kitchen Perfection: Transform your kitchen with Aruca White countertops. The polished surface exudes sophistication, making it ideal for both culinary enthusiasts and busy families. Its stain-resistant properties ensure that spills and splatters won’t mar its pristine appearance. Pair it with white or light-colored cabinetry for a fresh, airy feel.

  3. Island Focal Point: Islands are the heart of any kitchen, and Aruca White Quartz can turn yours into a showstopper. Consider a waterfall edge design, where the quartz cascades down the sides, creating a seamless flow. The subtle grains add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

  4. Backsplash Brilliance: Extend the elegance of Aruca White to your backsplash. Warm neutral colors provide a calming canvas where your other design elements can shine.

  5. Bathroom Serenity: Aruca White Quartz isn’t limited to kitchens. In bathrooms, it brings a spa-like tranquility. Use it for vanity countertops, shower surrounds, or even a sleek tub deck. Its germ-resistant surface ensures hygiene, while its timeless appeal ensures lasting beauty.

  6. Commercial Spaces: Aruca White Quartz isn’t just for homes. In commercial settings, such as restaurants, cafes, or boutique shops, it adds sophistication. Imagine a coffee shop with Aruca White countertops, paired with dark wood accents—a perfect blend of warmth and modernity.

  7. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Warm metallic colors and natural wood pair beautifully with Aruca White. 

Aruca White Quartz countertops offer a serene and versatile foundation for your interior design. Whether you’re remodeling or starting from scratch, let this elegant surface elevate your space to new heights.

Product: Quartz

Grade: 1

Primary Color: White-Warm

Thickness: 3cm and 2cm available

Finish: Polished

Average Size: 138" x 78" (Super Jumbo)

Square Feet: 74.75 ft²

Price Per ft² (3cm): $15.49

Price Per ft² (2cm): $11.69


 Available in the U.S. for fast shipping.


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